BSP male x Push-In Straight

BSP male x Push-In Straight hydraulic adaptor range. Alternative to Parker - 3D982 range

Code Product Name Price Basket
092291/8 Bsp Male x 1/4 Push In Straight£2.70 
092201/4 B Male x 1/4 PI STRAIGHT£2.05 Out Of Stock
092213/8 B Male x 3/8 PI STRAIGHT£2.21 Out Of Stock
092221/2 B Male x 1/2 PI STRAIGHT£2.72 Out Of Stock
092255/8 B Male x 5/8 PI STRAIGHT£4.03 Out Of Stock
092233/4 B Male x 3/4 PI STRAIGHT£5.15 
092241 B Male x 1 PI STRAIGHT£9.74