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Personal Information

When you give us you personal information, Burnett & Hillman will not share that information with third parties without your permission.

Entering information in the guest area allows Burnett & Hillman to contact you regarding the information entered. This will allow Burnett & Hillman to process your request.

This information will be used by Burnett & Hillman for contact purposes only. The information will not be distributed to any 3rd parties.

Use Of Cookies

To ensure that we are publishing content customers need and want, Burnett & Hillman collects site-visitation statistics using cookies. We only use this information in aggregated form and only use site-visitation statistics for improving our site.

1st Party Cookies (i.e. B&H Cookies)

Cookie NamePurpose
basketidUnique identifier for your shopping basket.

  • This cookie helps us retain the items in your shopping basket whilst you are browsing the shop and if you should leave the site and then come back again.
basketcountNumber of items in your basket.

  • To speed up the website response, we store the number of items currently in your basket
loggedinIndicates if you are logged in or not.

  • This is a simple boolean flag that helps the website display the correct links in the header section without the need to query our server if you are logged in or not
PHPSESSIDUnique identifier for each browser session.

  • If you fill out any of our contact forms, this cookie is used to check that the CAPTCHA code you type is correct.
  • This cookie is also used to take you back to the correct list page in the News section.  For example, if you’re on page 2 of the News section and you click to view a news item, clicking the ‘Back to News’ link will take you back to page 2, rather than back to the beginning.


3rd Party Cookies


Supplier NameCookie NamesPurpose
Google Analytics__utma




We use Google Analytics to gather website statistics.  We don’t receive any information on individuals, but it helps us to understand things like which areas of our website are the most popular.

Opt out of Google Analytics


Changing your cookie preferences in your browser

For information on how to control and delete cookies, visit http://www.aboutcookies.org/


Contact Information

Burnett & Hillman welcomes your comments regarding this Statement of Privacy, please contact us via post.

Privacy Policy
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