Material Surcharges

Dear Customer

Burnett & Hillman – Notification of Pricing Change from 1st August 2022

I would like to begin by thanking you for your continued support of Burnett & Hillman, it is very much appreciated and never taken for granted.

During 2021 and currently 2022 we have experienced significant increases in raw material and all associated costs to manufacturing, we therefore had to apply a 14% total surcharge to abate the rising costs. This has been under constant review, and we have tried to mitigate the impact of these costs. Unfortunately, the prices have not stabilised.

The effect is the surcharge will no longer remain and the prices will be adjusted to include the 14% surcharge. This will apply to all products.

The new prices will be applied from the 1st August 2022.

Whilst we do our upmost to mitigate any changes to our prices, in this instance we do not have an alternative but to implement the material surcharge as a price increase.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself personally, or any member of the Burnett & Hillman team.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Burnett

Andrew Burnett